The principles of outdoor designing

Designing is an art. Something that is free yet guided by directions or guidelines. These help this form of art achieve perfection while also enabling the designer to incorporate his own style as well. There are many such principles set up to act as guides. Here are a few of them;

Momentous enclosure

This is a law that ought to be followed when you design any sort of outdoor landscaper and this is one of the laws that pool landscapers Wahroonga pay attention to. This basically explains the fact that we as people feel more close when we are included within a space where the perpendicular edge is one-third of the length of the horizontal space. Accordingly, when designing a garden that follows this rule you would come to notice that regardless of the size of it, it creates a sense of openness and attachment. Two of the most important things we as humans would love to feel around us.

The lines

Just like in photography you imagine lines to make sure you capture the perfect shot with the right alignment, even in designing the same rule could be used as well. especially when it comes to landscaping imagining such a regulating line will help you organize and set things in a manner that is neat and orderly yet has a playful touch to it. Pool landscapers Linfield are experts that deliver such amazing results that would definitely go beyond your expectation and they have professionals that are experienced in this as well. so in case you find the DIY means a difficult and challenging task, do hire them to help you out.

Proportioning with the rectangle

This is another design principle followed in outdoor designing. This rectangle rule will definitely ensure that there is a balance and organized set up for your home backyard and or garden. This rectangle has a specific ratio measurement that it has been built upon and that is a 1:1.6. Incorporating this into your garden space will certainly enhance its existing beauty.


They so, go big or go home! That is the same principle that applies here as well. This is from wider stairs to an even higher pergola. The bigger the better. This is because the added height creation from huge sized structures adds to the entire layout of the place. Thus giving it a bigger and open look rather than a cramped up space.

Another principle to be followed in outdoor remodeling is planting trees or shrubs based on their varying sizes. And this, in other words, means to plant trees according to their height orders. There are many other principles as well and these are only a couple. So if you are planning on joining the field do make sure to incorporate a few of these!